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10-10-2005, 19:10


Nazi Ustashe succeded in murdering more than third out of more than two million Serbs that got under thir hands in Croatia and Bosnia in WWII. Some 200,000 Serbs were forcefully converted to Catholicism.

Yes, you say, but it was 50 years ago...

What happened next is that Communist dictator Tito, supported (and sometimes supplied with arms and ammunition) by Britain and USA got to control Yugoslavia. He served as a useful puppet in a buffer zone against the Soviet block.

Tito, himself a CROAT, butchered Yugoslavia into six (so called) "Federative Republics". He was sure to chop the largest nation, the Serbs, into four republics. And Republic of Serbia, itself, was the only one to be further divided (into three pieces: Vojvodina, Kosovo and "Serbia proper"). Some 42% of Serbs got to live outside "Serbia proper". And that is the CRUX of today's problem. (For the above numbers look at: Paul Shoup "Communism and the Yugoslav National Question". Columbia, 1968).

Next, the Croatian Communist dictator ordered Croatian and Muslim genocide of the Serbs to be forgotten - and new "Brotherhood and Unity" (under Communist dictatorship) to begin. The mountain pits where whole Serbian villages were hurled into - were cemented!!! And surviving Serbs were ordered NOT to come to the mass graves and morn their dead. Some Ustashe Croats and Muslims got (usually small) positions in the new government. Their Nazi elite (including the above mentioned Croatian fuhrer Pavelic) ESCAPED through Vatican organized "rat channels". Croatian priesthood was instrumental in helping some 50,000 worst European Nazi escape justice. The whole operation was done with full knowledge of British and American intelligence. The fascist murderers were proclaimed new "freedom fighters" against the Red Flood. Many got positions in State Department (as special advisers) and other government institutions. (The files describing the operation were declasified resently. To learn more read recently published book "Unholy Trinity", by Mark Aarons and John Loftus. (Mr Loftus worked in the U.S. Justice Department in its Nazi-hunting unit).

You can easily find the book in any bookstore... (ISBN 0-312-07111-6)


10-10-2005, 19:11

And the Serbs stuck to their Christian tradition and did not seek revenge. They thought that the bloody episode will never repeat. But the Ustasha elite in South and North America, Australia, immediately started to organize dreaming of good old days...

The Serbs in many cases intermarried and started a new life. This is what the Western press calls today "the ideal multiethnicity and tolerance of ex-Communist Yugoslavia. So WHO WAS THE TOLERANT ONE? The murderer or his next door surviving victim - the Serb?

Then came collapse of the Yugoslav economy (induced by the U.S.) and the rats came back home. Under THE SAME USTASHI FLAG (and giving the same threat speaches to the remaining Serbs). Dr. Franjo Tudjman, holocaust revisionist and apologizer for Hitler - won the first elections for new "democratic" Independent State of Croatia. With good suport of money he got from the Ustasha emigration. The hell broke loose!

Today, Muslims and Croats, are once again united. They were united under Hitler. They were (forcefully!) united by Bill Clinton. Hating each other with racist passion, their only common goal is (once again) to slaughter and expel the remaining Serbs. This is done under supervision of "neutral" UN, EC, US, NATO,... Under watchful "unbiased" CNN, ABC, BBC,...

American bombers can bomd Christian children as much as they want. American media can claim whatever they damn please. The Western "intellectuals" are absorbing all the Nazi propaganda without question.

What ever happened to: COGITO ERGO SUM! (I *THINK* therefore I exist). Is the term "Western intellectual" an oxymoron? Can you please check the above quotes? Can you see the obvious?

But the last ETHNIC CLEANSING of the remaining Serbs in Croatia and one half of Bosnia-Herzegovina - was done by "democrat" BILL CLINTON with help of NATO force. At the same time the Western media had audacity to blame the Serbs for "Ethnic clensing" and even "self-cleansing"!!!!!!

It proves, once again, that a copy can never be as good as the original. ORIGINAL NAZIS WERE BETTER. At least they were honest to say, the FIRST DAY, what they planed to do with Jews, Serbs, other Slavs. Today's Nazi are covering their act calling it "democracy", "peace"...

The replica of the USTASHA FLAG FREELY FLIES in front of the United Nations.

It flies freely IN JASENOVAC, ABOVE THE MASS GRAVE OF SOME 600,000 VICTIMS. Do you see a better sarcasm!? On May 1st, 1995 Croatian army, carring Ustasha symbols and flags, broke through the UN lines. They did it at will. They did it with the knowledge and support of Washington. They flooded so called "United Nations Protected Zone - West". The Serbs were ordered by the "international community", well in advance, to disarm and put their heavy weapons under UN supervision. Just days before, under Croatian "pressure", the zones were renamed to UNCRO = United Nations Confidence Restauration Operation. What a sarcasm!!! What a crime!

Ustasha tanks went over civillians. Women and children were machinegunned. A few thousand were murdered in cold blood. The New York Times (and alike Big Brother Trumpets) praised "liberation" of part of Croatia... There was also a short note that Croatian police did not let newspapermen in for couple a days and that the whole area stunk of chlorine. The roads were hozed but still pools of blood were visible... At least, that time, for some reason, the Serbs were not blamed for that particular genocide. The front page of the New York Times carried a story of how (aledgedly) Serbs fired two rockets with cluster bombs to Zagreb. The rockets killed two people, the story says. The front page shows a body. A lady lies on the main street, face down, in chrystal clear white coat. A bus is in the background. All window panes intact. The Serbs have amazing rockets. Cluster rockets at that.

And here is the sarcastic result of NATO-Croatian-Nazi genocide of the last year: The leader of the Croatian Serbs is declaired a war criminal.... And no Croat.

Today, Nazi Croatia is the MOST ETHNICALLY PURE COUNTRY OF EUROPE. Hitler and Pavelic must be laughing in their graves.

There will be no justice in the Hague Kangaroo Court. But would there be enough room for all the souls of the "democratic West" that were the architects of the Yugoslav tragedy?

by Professor John Ranz,
Chairperson Survivors of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Box 14, Homecrest Station,
Brooklyn, NY 11229.

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