Pogledaj cijelu verziju : Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburic

Blagoje Jovovic
07-08-2005, 16:33
Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburic

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b. 1914
d. April 10-20, 1969, Spain

One of the most violent Ustase leaders, characterized as an "extreme sadist" and "mentally ill" by a German observer, and the link between the Ustase of the Independent State of Croatia and the rebirth of the Ustase in the post-war era as a militant terrorist movement.
Designed the framework of the Jasenovac concentration camp by his own hand while in exile, then carried out his plan in September 1941. Was first commandant. Nada Tanic-Luburic, his half-sister, was placed in charge of the women's facility in Nova Gradiska and later married Luburic's protege Dinko Sakic. Led Ustase attacks on Serb villages in Slavonia and the Krajina in April and May of 1941, precipitating the massive bloodletting which led to Italian and later German intervention on behalf of civilians. During the retreat from Zagreb in April 1945, was in charge of rear-guard activities against Partizans in pursuit. Escaped Croatia via Austria, ending up in Spain. Rumored to have coordinated Krizari (Crusader) terrorist incursions into Communist Yugoslavia immediately after the war.

Formed Ustase successor organization, Croatian National Resistance (Hrvatski Narodni Odpor, aka Croatian People's Resistance or simply Odpor or Otpor. Coordinated terrorist attacks across Europe, with cells in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Italy, and several mysterious incursions into Yugoslavia itself. Found murdered in his villa in Spain on April 20, 1969, his skull fractured from repeated blows from a crowbar and dozens of stab wounds in his chest. Odpor evolved into the HDP, or Croatian Statehood Movement, to which Miro Baresic among others belonged.