Pogledaj cijelu verziju : Zalman CNPS 7000

07-10-2003, 22:13
U ovom broju VIDIa na vise mjesta se hvali Zalman CNPS 7000, i u clanku o overclockiranju se cak preporucuje Abitova NF-7 S maticna i ovaj cooler. Zanima me zapravo zna li tko moze li ovaj cooler na spomenutu maticnu, jer na www.zalmanusa.com pise da se ne moze stavit, nekompatibilan. Unaprijed hvala

29-10-2003, 19:22
Istina, u VIDi-u svugdje preporučuju tu kombinaciju, a nisu ploča i cooler kompatibilni. Navodno Zalmanu smetaju kondenzatori i bolje je ne kombinirati ih. Rađe uzmi neki thrmalright iz Linksa i na njega montiraj PAPST 80mm ili malo glasniji Thermaltake Smart Case Fan 2.

02-07-2004, 23:23
Evo mojeg iskustva. Ploca doista nije kompatibilna, smeta jedan kondenzator. No, ipak sam to uspio nekako rijesiti. Prvo, zamijenis polozaj nozica (jedne su plave a druge bijele) cime si izgubio to da je bakreni dio hladnjaka tocno na sredini jezgre procesora, sto je minus. Drugui, nazalost moras otpiliti jedan komad metala sto ti skida garanciju. Sve skupa nije vrijedno truda. I jos jedan hint, taj hladnjak je dosta skuplji u HGspotu nego u Ve-milu.

06-08-2004, 23:32
Juraj is right!!! Otpili komad metala, kao ja(GRRRR!), kojem smetaju kondenzatori, pa će naleći savršeno!

13-08-2004, 17:36
...ma pila cuda cini

13-08-2004, 20:37
;) ;) ;) malo mi je to sumnjivo sa nf7 s i tim zalmenom. sta si ti prijatelju to pilio (???) na podlosci??
pa onda bi morao i prepilit i rupu za srafic.

14-08-2004, 10:13
Malo sam trazio o tome na netu, pa evo ako koga zanima kako je to neki tip na nekom forumu to uspio rjesit :nije mi se dalo prevadjat jer je tekst podosta velik)
source: http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?s=afcdb23eccc5a873873e833a48abcdac&t=246883

<<hey update on the cnps7000a al/cu version (not all copper), on my abit nf7/s mobo, and the verdict is...
it fits woohoo.
just no pics but not really nessacery to get the point.
a number of modifications have to be made, and all are minor.

in the instructions for mounting the sink, there are 2 stand off's that are included and need to
be screwed to the mobo. they do not fit the nf7/s the way the instructions put it.

according to the isntruction the white one goes on the side with the caps, and blue on side with lever arm for cpu.

these must be flipped, with blue going by the caps, and white on the lever, u could grind the white one down.

the reason for this is the blue is smaller the white and so with the white being on the side of the lever, u cannot remove the cpu.

small mod number 2, the tension arm connecting the heatsink to the stand offs, is too long and will hit the caps.

fix, there are 2 holes on each side of the bar, one of which u can just deremel off, cut neatly and the arm fits perfectly around the cap. no caps are touched. downfall of this heatsink cannot be used on the new amd 754 sockets.

also if u follow the instructions and tigthen the heatsink bolts all the way down, ur motherboard will make a U shape,

it will bend, and quite a bit, i did this and got scared, surprised i did not crush the core however sink does rest on the 4 pads more or less so it was safe.

fix is simple just losing the blots about a turn each and mobo will be flatter, not perfectly but not a drastic bend.

last minor problem, on small cases ( i just stuck this into my new lanboy, hehe i like the case its got a classy sleak look)
anyway, u might hit the power supply, now in my case i was able to slightly move the power supply up in the mounting holes, however the grill for the fan got in the way so the grill got taken out.

performance, i went from a water cooling setup with a mcw5000a swiftech waterblock, a 88 camero heatercore, and a maxijet pump. so my temps with bios 1.7 were in the 40's always under load, 44.5C while encoding mepg's,
the case then was open so that might have enfluced the temps a bit but not much, right now encoding with the zalaman fan running on normal the temps is 50.5 degrees, so 6 degrees worse,

not dissaponted though, since now case is close, and as3 has not yet settled, i'm also missing an intake fan so thats gotta hurt temps by a degree or 2, i figure with the case being closed and everything now having the heat trapped in the case (120 ggig wd se 7200 hd, ti4200, some geil ram @ 2.8 volts,) thats alot of heat to get rid off.

upside is my overclock is still stable running prime for a number of hours while starting a video encode, and while copying a dvd to harddrive. overclock = athlon xp 1700 @ 180x11 @ 1.75 volts, i think this chip can actaully do more now since it's been burnt in.

more upside, my case is now closed, was never able to get water cooling to fit in case, so it was sitting on my desk. big pain in the but. also with no fans on my desk system is quite.
the smart blue 350w p.s. and my slow 2400 rpm 80 mm case fan blowing out make more noise, and the noise is air blowing out of the case, so its a very barely even midly pleasant 'sound' heat sink even with fan on it blowing full steam is ungodly silent.

also i will need to get a pic just because the site of the huge heat sink under the gently glow of the smart blue p.s. is very stunning.

more postives about this heat sink,. cooling of all extra components. with the radial desgin and the fan made to push are all around and threw the sink, all the power caps, power driver chips, ram and top of video card now get a breeze of air.

downsides, this thing is huge, don't know if on this board the passive zalman chipset heatsink would work. it also bends board, which if ur not paying attention too and screw down while extremly bent u might break something.
it also requires minor work to fit on nf7/s, which for newbies might be bad. however the mods are easy enough so that even a newbie should be able to easily do and start feeling confidant.

also board will have to be taken out to change cpu or sink, and it might not fit in some cases, however i think i fit it in a pretty smalll case, the antec lanboy.

all temp readings were down over a period of hours, (esspically the water cooling) with the a.c. in the apartment turned on @ 74F all the time,

if amdmb or anyone else wants me too clean this up post up and turn it into a real product review i'd gladly do it. if anyone wants to send me a copper version, i'd slapp that on and compare the too. lemme know

email me @ olechowm at msoe.edu

thanks guys, let me know if u have questions comments.
sorry i know its rough i just had time to sit down and actaully type instead of running primve, xmepg, or memtest.


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