Pogledaj cijelu verziju : Kaj biste u?inili da imate kontrolu nad Microsoftom???

17-07-2008, 15:54
Inspiraciju za ovo sam dobio na jednom engleskom forumu:

Kada bi vam netko sutra došao sa ponudom da besplatno preuzmete 51%microsofta,pod uvjetom da ne prodate taj udio sve do 2020 kaj bi u?inili sa Microsoftom???

Evo mog plana,ali na engleskom jer je bio jednostavno preduga?ak za prijevod:

Market strategy:
Number 1:I would start buying google,yahoo,EA and Ubisoft...If i wouldn't be able to buy them in just one offer,i would buy them even one stock after one stock.Basically they woulld continue to live on as brands,such as ati did.

Number 2:I would call every exorcist from vatican and purge all the evil ghosts from Ea(more) and the rest(less),Ballmer would be locked in 20 days near the st. Peter tomb with only a small window for praying,food and water...

Number 3:I would change the location to Križevci-Croatia(my hometown),so the antitrust regulatory attention won't be so hard on us...

Number 4:I would appoint my best friends at high positions.

Number 5:Fire Ballmer(stocks rise 50%).

Windows strategy:

Number 1:I would add a ''Moderator'' account to coexist between the administrator and standard user

Number 2:The microsoft made games before 2000 and after 1990 would be installed together with the games like solitaire...

Number 3:I would make a completely new file system and kernel since even the ntfs updated with winfs is starting to look average to outdated.The file system would be out till 2015.

Number 4:windows would be released on a 3+1 release year cycle the 3 stands for the strategy they will start with windows 7 and the +1 stands for a mayor facelift of the OS,they did this already with the 2000/xp combination as xp was just a facelift for 2000,and as nvidia g90 was just a refined version of the g80...

Number 5:The new kkernel would support 128 bits,since at that time 128 bits-would already be a real possibility.

Number 6:I would found a windows feature panel team,a tema that would only be assigned to add more utilities to windows,the more the merrier,like let's say that you would lose yourself just at the first look of the control panel.And no this team would not be used to update security/stability issues and so on,this team would be fully concentrated just on making them.

Number 7:There would be very few information leaks,actually,just as few as there are right now.

Number 8:The first coding on every new version would be started 6 years before hitting the market,with the seventh year being ''the planning year'',except for the ''facelift version on which the development would start 2 years before hitting the shelves(so if you have read number 4 in the windows strategy section at some points in time there would be even 4 windows Os-es in production.

Number 9:Windows would have an ''override'' function like enterprise in star trek.

Company management strategy:

Number 1:As you can see I would utilize the company to go at Full production + full strength,since having a share of 90% of the OS market simply is not enough,we must squeeze out at least some 98% or 100% if possible.

Other strategyes:

Number 1:I would invade the mac market,and make apple go bankrupt,since Steve is evil

Number 2:I would start a project to make a presence of at least 10% in the first year in the cpu,and in the gpu market.

Number 3:I would sell the xbox to a powerful company,and partner myself with that company,Under the table i would also partner myself with another company that would promise me to build a mighty console just to make the market race hotter,on that way we would have at the same time 4 very serious consoles to choose:The sony ps4,the xbox720,nintendo wii2,and the new one.

Number 4:I would buy rockstar games to make the most well rounded off life simulation,with a huge number of minigames.The game would be under development for 6 years,and the developers would closely coexist with our directx development team so it won't lack on graphics.

Number 5:I would buy a company named The game creators and all their products(Fps creator,Fps creator x10,dark basic...).

Number 6:I would appoint around 30000 people(mostly developers),worldwide,so we could have the production quantity for everything i have already mentioned here...

Number 7:I would do a major restructuring of the company.

Number 8:I would crush the idea of cloud computing(i don't wan't to play games that are worse than crysis in the year of 2015...).

Number 9:Windows 7 would be available in 32 bit only for the home basic version.

Number 10:I would tag all the microsoft software before windows 2000 as abandonware,and that software would as of then be free to download.

Number 11:I would make a revolutionary anti pirate software,but not a ret%rded one like starforce...

Number 12:In2020 i would sell all my stocks and retire from microsoft,since by then the stocks would have already be by 1000% more than before.

10-08-2008, 15:49
He,he, dao si mi ideju na kraju: radit bilo šta samo da dignem cijenu dionica, te ih prodati 2020 i miran i lagodan život poslije.

Ali vidim da unutra imaš i nekih stvari koje se u biti ne bi promijenile da ti zavladaš :)

10-08-2008, 20:55
Kao koje???

11-08-2008, 12:18
Windows strategy broj 3, malo broj 4, broj 7, broj 8 isto ?ini mi se...

Other strategy broj 4 je djelomi?no možda to?an :)
Broj 6 je isto ve? vjerojatno istina, a broj 9 bi trebao biti istina :)